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Frank Zappa Database
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Frank Zappa Database

Lossless Frank Zappa In Circulation

The Frank Zappa Database collects and delivers information about some circulating Frank Zappa live recordings which circulate in losslessly compressed format such as .shn or .flac.

Before getting your hands on this bad circulating stuff, head to your local music store or to www.zappa.com and buy Frank Zappa’s original albums.

To get an overview of some recordings in circulation, browse this database by clicking on the years above.

To get all known information about a particular Frank Zappa live recording you got your hands on, copy and paste md5s (.shn) or ffp (.flac) of it into the search box below and search for it.

If you have brought a compressed Frank Zappa live recording in circulation, please add it to this Database by using the “addshow” email form above. Also please add circulating losslessly compressed Frank Zappa live recordings whose md5’s or ffp are not in this Database, no matter if you’ve brought them in circulation or not. Please send a short request to add the source and attach the info-textfile plus the ffp or md5s to the email.

For all questions you have regarding this database please read the FAQ.

The whole concept of this database follows Thomas H. Anderson’s ideas, who wrote the great and approved database db.etree.org. Huge thanks and credits to him for his work and inspiration.
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